The Fabrica in England has more than 28 years designing and manufacturing only Plotters, that accumulated experience supports and guarantees the quality of the products we sell.

We are ON-LINE Direct Distributors for Latin America, which is why our prices are so competitive.

They come with Own Development Print Driver, this allows users a number of tools to manage their impressions. Free update periodically from the manufacturer's page.

They are Open Architecture Plotters, they work with any Fashion Design program or CAD Program.

ALWAYS print at 600 DPI (print quality with only 1 cartridge), any Plotter of different brand that works with the same Hp45 cartridge reference, you must use 2 or more cartridges to be able to print at the same resolution.

NEVER require Electronic Devices, Co-processors, USB Keys or Keys to function "fixed" to certain programs, even if they are not original.

They accept a wide range of papers: Normal Bond, Recycled Bond, Ecological Bond, Sulfite, Newspaper, Thermo Adhesives, Craft, Missionary, or Perforated Paper for Cutting Robots.

WE HATE AND COMBAT the Programmed Obsolecence, we have Plotters in the market with more than 17 years working under normal conditions. Completely Metallic, Robust, Silent Designed and Manufactured for Heavy Duty.

The cartridges can be recharged many times, you can work with the original Hp or with the Chinese generics without any problem.

All our Plotters in their customer documentation include the EUR-1 Certificate (Certificate of Origin and Manufacture) Issued by the London Chamber of Commerce.

With our print driver the speed and ink consumption is much more efficient, 1 single ink cartridge printing at 600 DPI and at 40 meters 2/h it reaches up to 9 rolls of paper of 200 linear meters.

We are the only ON - LINE Direct Distributors manufactured in Latin America, which is why our prices are so competitive.



No matter what your model or series is, or how old it is, we have the parts you need at reasonable costs. Simply send us a photo of your Plotter and the Serial Number that is on the back of the plotter behind the Control Panel.

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Year 1986

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